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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Invergordon Community Council is looking for volunteers from members of the public to business owners large and small in all of the following to help with various projects that are in the pipeline, as well as helping with hanging the flowers, watering said flowers, general clean-ups of various local areas including the beach and Black Path.

1/ Any members of the public who want to help rejuvenate Invergordon and have a couple of spare hours a week or a month 2/ Builders 3/ Carpenters 4/ Plumbers 5/ Roofers 6/ Welders 7/ Gardeners

Visitors to Invergordon - Get a feel for our town and community for a couple of hours Are you a visitor/s and want to get involved for a couple of hours during your stay and get to know the locals and feel the Invergordon Community spirit, then please email us your details and contact number/email.

The above list is not exhaustive, so regardless of your skills please get in touch as all help will be gratefully accepted.